Brisbane Trail Ultra The Adventure Begins

Adventure Begins.

Brisbane and South East Queensland is ready for an epic ultra trail event with stunning scenery, challenging climbs, sweeping views of the Brisbane Hinterland, Moreton Island, Moreton Bay, out to the Great Dividing Range then return to an atmospheric ending to your emotional trail.

You will journey though steep gorges, eucalyptus forest, virgin rainforest, meandering single trails catching glimpses of the Brisbane Skyline in the distance, then return to the CBD of Brisbane for a destination finish that will rival that of the europeans.

You can choose between 3 distances and then decide if you will go solo, or race it in sections with a team mate or 3. 30k solo, 30k relay team of 2. 60k Solo, 60k Relay team, 110k Solo, 110k Relay Team of 4. We want you to use this event as a stepping stone to building up your trail running skills. Try one of our relay legs, build your confidence and ability, then go it solo.

The inspiration for the Brisbane Trail Ultra comes from living in the Brisbane’s vibrant city and acknowledging that it’s strength is it proximity to the amazing trail of Brisbane Forest, D’Aguliar National Park and SEQ Water Land around Gold Creek, Enoggera Reservoirs.

The course is important to us. We’ve designed the course to have as much single trail as possible, the prettiest scenery we could find, the steepest climb and descents to get you prepared for racing in Australia and beyond.

Brisbane is only 8ks from its forest. This is unheard of in most capital cities around the world and something that should be celebrated.

Why finish in a City? Brisbane is famous for it’s liveability. South Bank has its bridges that are lit up at night, pools, gardens, coves and of course it’s stunning back drop, Brisbane’s Skyline. At Brisbane Trail Ultra we want to put on a show for you. Our event will run through the Brisbane French Festival at South Bank so you can have a little piece of Chamonix.

You will run past the Queensland Australia Gallery Modern Art Gallery (GOMA),  Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), Queensland Museum and Science Centre, Queensland Library. Your support crew will have so much to do while you are out racing and enjoying yourself. Brisbane Trail Ultra will be the event that everyone in your family will be happy you are taking part in.

While you are out adventuring your partner can be enjoying the delights of Brisbane’s La  Trobe Terrace, West End, South Bank restaurants and cafes.

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