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The Travelling to the Brisbane Trail Ultra has been specifically designed for the international and interstate adventurer. We have planned the course to highlight Brisbane’s proximity to the trails, lush virgin rainforest, stunning single trails, challenging climbs and beautiful reservoirs.  You’ll love your hero’s welcome at the iconic Brisbane South Bank finish line at the Queensland Maritime Museum. The Brisbane Trail Ultra is all about the athlete experience, from the start to the finish we are designing the event with the athlete enjoyment and ease of travel being one of our highest priorities.

Fast Travel facts about the Brisbane Trail Ultra;

  • Date; 6-7th July 2019
  • Location: Brisbane South Bank
  • Time from Brisbane International Airport; 20 minutes
  • Catch the Air Train, or grab a taxi, shuttle bus; or ride share to your South Bank Accommodation.
  • Start line is only 20 minutes by car or bus from the Finish line.
  • Participant transport by bus will be available between the finish line to start line. (Stay tuned for more details.)
  • Finish line is at the Queensland Maritime Museum situated only a few hundred meters from a range of hotels and AirBnb options. Our pick is the Emporium Hotel South Bank who are giving Brisbane Trail Ultra Runners a 10% Discount.

We invite you to travel to Brisbane, race the Brisbane Trail Ultra then stay and relax and recover either in Brisbane and it’s surrounding locations or take an extended holiday to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Moreton Island. All are within 2 hours travel from your Brisbane Trail Ultra finish line location.

The race is in Australian School holidays so if you like bring the family and enjoy the Brisbane Trail Ultra and then go onto a recovery holiday with your family or make the most of Brisbane’s central location to some of the most pristine beaches in the world.


Fast Facts to “Post Race Recovery Holiday” locations around Brisbane;

  • Time From Gold Coast; 1 Hour
  • Time From Sunshine Coast; 1.5 Hours
  • Time From Moreton Island; Around 1.5 hours 75 minute Ferry and 30 minutes drive from South Bank.
  • Time From Fraser Coast; Around 3.5 Hours plus ferry to Fraser Island from Hervey bay.

For more information about travelling to Brisbane, visit Queensland Tourism website for more information.

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