Brisbane Trail Ultra Map Update – v1.1

Just as you’re heading back into work, reminiscing over a beautiful weekend of trail running – we have this for you. Map update v1.1 for all courses on the Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival. There’s no cure better for Monday in the office, so get planning your next adventure!

Whats new?

There has been no change to the course. The Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival distance, elevation (and ITRA score) and route all remain the same.  What we have done though, is made the maps a little nicer.

Check Point Name Changes

 For all four courses we have:

  • added in the 5km marker points, along the routes;
  • tidied up some of the map symbols and icons to make it easier to read;
  • made the Check Point markers much spunkier; and
  • added little hint of which running group will be supporting our check points

For the Miler, 110 km and 60 km courses we’ve made a change to the status of two of our check points.

  • What was designated CP 2 and CP8 are now Emergency Water Points only with no staff or volunteers. 
What was CP 8 – is now designated just an Emergency Water Stop on your path to greatness!

These two points were always designed this way. As such, for the sake of clarity we thought it better to change it. We don’t anticipate they’ll be needed, as the race is in the middle of winter, and your mandatory gear should see you through. It is Brisbane though, so noting that we don’t really do winter, better to have them there just in case.

The result of this change means that we have a total of seven checkpoints across the Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival course now. The final Check Point at JC Slaughter Falls is now CP7. 

Course Leg Name Changes

The leg numbers will also change for Miler, 110 km and 60 km courses.

Updates to leg numbers included on the maps where required.

Just a reminder – there has been no change to the course. The distance, elevation (and ITRA score) and route all remain the same.

Check out the event page for your course for where to download the new map sheets.

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