Course Maps Update – v1.5

New printable GeoPDF course maps have been published to the web site.

Given this is our first year, we’re iterating through this process and really appreciate your feed back.

We’ve updated our course maps to make them more readable and a couple of minor corrections. We’re also announcing a minor course change in the 30km and down in the last 15km of the course for all events, as one of our favourite trails will be closed on race weekend.

All updates are available on your respective Course Maps pages today. We’ll get the updated GPX files up for you before the long weekend!

Whats new

Course changes

All Courses:

In the final leg of all courses, in the final part of bushland we had you taking Tallowood Trail to get across to Bardon and an area know as the Tall Timbers. The Tallowood Trail won’t be available on race weekend, so we need to route all events around to the south.

See the course descriptions for full details. As an overview – the course now loops around the Kulgan Cirt in a clockwise direction starting and sends runners down onto the quite suburban street of Gordon Rd. From there you’ll head back up into Tall Timbers to take the original course down Lace Monitor and King Fisher Track through to Bardon.

Kulgan / Gordon Rd Update
30km Course:

The original course had an out and back on Powerful Owl trail at the top of Mt Coot-tha. This was put in (reluctantly) to make sure we had the distance. With the new changes above at Kulgan Cirt and Gordon Rd, this is no longer required. Yay! No one likes an out and back for no reason.

No more out and back on Powerful Owl
Course Corrections:

We had two minor course corrections to make. If you’ve been out on the trails, you would have taken these routes anyway, they just weren’t correct on the maps. These corrections haven’t made any significant change to the distance or elevation change.

  • At the bottom of The Gold Creek Trail (Jones Break West), we had you routed onto a Mountain Bike / Unofficial Path. That’s been corrected to take you around the fire trail.
Gold Creek Trail Update – avoiding the little short cut
  • Coming onto down Eugenia Cirt into Simpson Falls, we had it marked as going down a section of old disused trail. Now its on the sweep around to the east where the real trail is (thanks John G.!!).
Eugenia Cirt Update – staying on the main trail to the east
Map updates:

We made a bunch of updates to improve readability and ease of navigation across the course.

  • The foundation underlying maps for all courses has been changed to use Open Street Maps. We’ve found this to be far more readable that the government maps. Also its generally more up to date than Google or Bing maps. It also comes with the benefit of having nearly all of the trails out there marked on it
  • Open Street Maps doesn’t come with contour lines, so we’ve added those too!
  • We’ve brightened up the trail names to each of the trails you’ll be running on for your course.
  • Each map now has all courses marked on it so you’ll be able to see where your course overlaps with another.
  • In addition to the 5km marks on each course, we’ve added a 1km tick mark along each route (its small – but let us know if its too small).
  • We’ve also made some updates to the marginalia. Every maps now has the 100 Metre reference (basic instructions on how to read a map) and a declination diagram (for using a compass. If you get really lost – we wouldn’t recommend going off trail in most cases, the trail network is generally going to always be fastest)

100 Mile Course Maps
110 KM Course Maps
60 KM Course Maps
30 KM Course Maps

As always – we’d love to get your feedback on these – please reach out directly to

See you on the trails!!

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