Medical Conditions

Medical Conditions

Your safety is so important to us and we really care about you while out racing on the Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival course. Please get in contact with me if you’d like to update your medical conditions.

I am an asthmatic. I get exercise induced asthma, meaning the likelihood of me getting sick out racing an ultra is high. I am prepared with my preventives- asthma medications.

I fill out my race medical conditions form to the best of my knowledge meaning that if I am taking medications or if I am allergic or react to anything I list it.

​I list I am allergic to the following; wheat, 220, gluten, sesame, peanuts, tomatoes and dairy.

I put it on my entry form so then the Race Director will know what is best to have at the aid stations to prevent someone from getting sick whilst racing the event.

We are designing nutrition for our check point stations and we are aiming to be a Gluten Free Friendly Race so if you are a celiac or have IBS, allergic to peanuts, dairy, sesame, 220 or anything else let us know and we will make sure our aid stations with be safe for you. Or we will let you know of what the food content is of our food out on the course.

I am lucky enough to be a PT and Running Coach filling out the medical forms are part of my health screen of my clients and is an everyday part of life for me. I know that if I put on a form that I am asthmatic, have allergies or any other medical conditions that are safe to run with, and I have clearance from a doctor, I am not going to be prevented from racing. The reason we ask for all this information is to help us, Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival Team and medical staff in the event of an emergency. We won’t prevent you from racing, we just want to know more about you to keep you safe. It is a way that you can let us know more about you so we can best cater the Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival to best suit your needs.

Happy Long Easter Weekend

Shona and the Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival Team

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