Getting to know Isobel Ross

We are very excited to have Isobel along as an elite race ambassador for the BTU 60km event! What an exciting race this will be with Sam Burridge and Steph Auston also in the mix for the overall podium number one! As a Melbournite, we’re guessing Isobel is coming up to Queensland to enjoy our milder winter sunshine running weather so let’s stop guessing and get to know a little bit more about Isobel.

Isobel, you have a long list of running achievements under your belt, what was it that got you into running? “I took up running a few years after I had kids because I thought it would be a great way to get fit.”

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CCC 2016

Isobel has run all around Australia and internationally. She boasts a first Australian female at the CCC 101km 2018 in Switzerland. We ask: with all these races, what has been your favourite race and why? “My favourite race so far was the first time I represented Australia at the World Long Distance Mountain Running Championships, the Jungfrau Marathon. It was the first time I travelled to race and it was an amazing experience.”

Isobel at the Jungfrau Marathon 2007

You’ve been at the top of the running game for a long time.  What is your secret to staying fit? “I love to train and race, so keeping fit is not a problem.”

Do you follow a specific nutrition plan to keep you race ready? “I try to eat a healthy balanced diet. I do not believe in eliminating any food groups as this will lead to deficiencies in some area. I eat clean most of the time, but do allow myself the occasional treat.”

Endurance running is tough on the body and the mind.  What has motivated you to train and compete at the highest level for so long? “Sometimes even I don’t know!! I think I just love the challenge of pushing my body; seeing how much I can push myself. I also love being out in nature.”

You’re a primary school teacher! that’s a pretty full on job.  How do you fit training and teaching and family life in? “It can be a tough juggle. My kids are older now, but need me just as much. I tend to have to train very early in the morning, I’m often up around 4am just to fit in my training. The hard thing is, you can’t be tired when you are teaching. The kids need me to be there 100% for them, and working with kids is emotionally and mentally draining, as much as I love it. I have also recently started my own coaching business as I am passionate about helping runners achieve their goals.”

Isobel is so passionate about helping runners achieve their goals she has started her own coaching business

What are your goal races for this year? “My A race for this year will be the Great Southern Endurance Run 100 miler in November. The BTU 60k and the Barkley Fall Classic ‘50k’ (if I can get the time off work!!) are stepping stones to developing the fitness and strength for this race.”

Isobel at the Barkley Falls Classic 50km 2018

On the note of running the Barkley Fall Classic 50km, you also tackled the elusive Barkley Marathons this year!! Wow, no finishers at all. Can you tell us about your experience there? “Barkley was amazing! It was almost surreal because I had been wanting to do it for about 10 years! It was a tough course; navigating off trail is not easy! I met lots of great people so it was all worthwhile. Although I finished the first loop, I had timed out so was really disappointed. I plan to re-enter and hopefully I get in again so I can redeem myself!!”

Isobel at Frozen Head State Park

Please give a shout out to your sponsors! “I am sponsored by La Sportiva. I absolutely love their shoes; with the long races I do, that’s really important. I have also recently taken up indoor climbing and bouldering so am loving their climbing shoes too.”

Isobel at the Buffalo Stampede

What is your typical/favourite running kit? “I love the La Sportiva Helios. I like to wear long shorts for comfort and La Sportiva singlet or t-shirt. I love Wright socks too.”

Run for the love of running. It’s an awesome sport with a fantastic and welcoming community

What advice would you give someone that is looking at getting into running? “Not to ramp up the kilometres too quickly, and to mainly focus on developing consistency. Also, to run for the love of running. It’s an awesome sport with a fantastic and welcoming community.”

Thank you for your time Isobel and we can’t wait to see you in Brisbane and racing the Brisbane Trail Ultra 60km.

The BTUF Team- Shona, David & Cora

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