Alana Vought

Alana Vought
Brisbane Trail Ultra Race Ambassador Alana Vought with her two children.
We are proud to announce that Brisbane Trail Ultra will have the energetic Alana Vought as one of our race ambassador for the July 2019 event.

Gold Coast elite athlete Alana Vought is an inspiration to so many trail runners. She is one of the most passionate and dedicated ultra-trail runners going around.

Alana has the ability to give herself selflessly supporting all those around her get to their goals and is someone who represents the ethos of trail ultra running.  Alana gives her time again and again to help and support others around her. With all this energy of giving, we are surprised that she has the power to kick butt and excel herself. This one quality of Alana’s that our Brisbane Trail Ultra Team really admires.

Alana is a “Single Mum” of 2 children and is kicking on strong. She dares to win and it is paying off. Alana proves that you can be a mum and still be at the top of the game. You go girl!

Alana seems to be able to handle the pressure of elite competitive racing with her infectious, positive, energy and love for fun and for the sport of trail running.  You can tell she races because she love’s it.

This is why we are super excited to have her racing in July 6-7 2019 at the Brisbane Trail Ultra.
Alana Vought Wins Blackall 100
Brisbane Trail Ultra race ambassador Alana Vought takes out the win at the Blackall 100
Alana Vought’s recent results are stellar and amongst a tough field of classy runners;
2017 1st Female Team Kokoda 96km Gold Coast
2018 1st Place Blackall 100km
2018 1st Place Coastal High 50
2018 1st Place Brisbane Rail Trail 50km
2018 3rd Overall, 2nd Mixed Team and close 1st Mixed Team at the Kokoda Challenge GC 96km it looks like the GC Physio Teams were close with only 2 minutes separating the GC Physio and Health Teams.

Alana’s legs are weapons!

Alana Vought weapons for legs
Alana Vought legs are weapons! Let’s see what those legs are capable of doing over the Brisbane Trail Ultra course.

Her results prove that she is strong enough to take her running career wherever she wishes to go. We hope Alana will use the Brisbane Trail Ultra as a stepping stone event to other international or national events in which the Brisbane Trail Ultra is designed for.

The Brisbane Trail Ultra course will hopefully suit a runner like Alana Vought, tough, technical, loads of single trails and with a heap of vertical gain to test those legs out. Our team at the Brisbane Trail Ultra can’t wait to see what she what time is is capable to doing over the 110km course.

Bring on the Brisbane Trail Ultra 6th July 2019!



Brisbane Trail Ultra Logistics

The logistics for the Brisbane Trail Ultra has been specifically designed for the international and interstate traveller. We have planned the course to highlight Brisbane’s proximity to the trails, lush virgin rainforest, stunning single trails, challenging climbs and beautiful reservoirs.  You’ll love your hero’s welcome at the iconic Brisbane South Bank finish line at the Queensland Maritime Museum. The Brisbane Trail Ultra is all about the athlete experience, from the start to the finish we are designing the event with the athlete enjoyment and ease of travel being one of our highest priorities.

Fast Logistical facts about the Brisbane Trail Ultra;

  • Date; 6-7th July 2019
  • Location: Brisbane South Bank
  • Time from Brisbane International Airport; 20 minutes
  • Catch the Air Train, or grab a taxi, shuttle bus; or ride share to your South Bank Accommodation.
  • Start line is only 20 minutes by car or bus from the Finish line.
  • Participant transport by bus will be available between the finish line to start line. (Stay tuned for more details.)
  • Finish line is at the Queensland Maritime Museum situated only a few hundred meters from a range of hotels and AirBnb options. Our pick is the Emporium Hotel South Bank who are giving Brisbane Trail Ultra Runners a 10% Discount.

We invite you to travel to Brisbane, race the Brisbane Trail Ultra then stay and relax and recover either in Brisbane and it’s surrounding locations or take an extended holiday to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Moreton Island. All are within 2 hours travel from your Brisbane Trail Ultra finish line location.

The race is in Australian School holidays so if you like bring the family and enjoy the Brisbane Trail Ultra and then go onto a recovery holiday with your family or make the most of Brisbane’s central location to some of the most pristine beaches in the world.


Fast Facts to “Post Race Recovery Holiday” locations around Brisbane;

  • Time From Gold Coast; 1 Hour
  • Time From Sunshine Coast; 1.5 Hours
  • Time From Moreton Island; Around 1.5 hours 75 minute Ferry and 30 minutes drive from South Bank.
  • Time From Fraser Coast; Around 3.5 Hours plus ferry to Fraser Island from Hervey bay.

For more information about travelling to Brisbane, visit Queensland Tourism website for more information.

Queensland Map Download

Brisbane Trail Ultra Relay Legs

Brisbane Trail Ultra Relays are designed to get a team of “running mates” out training safely together. The distance for the relays are all on the stunning Brisbane Trail Ultra course but broken down into shorter more achievable distance for those new to trail running.

If you think you can put together a speedy team, for for it!  Your team will have bragging rights for the next year! We’d love to see what a fast relay team can do over this terrain.

Relays in an Ultra are also a great way for non Ultra Runners to run with trail ultra runners whilst out on the course and get a bit of a taste of what the trail ultra sport is all about. Hopefully your team will be back next year running the 30km, 60km or 110km in 2020.

Our detailed maps can be found on the event page for each relay leg click on the link below.

Brisbane Trail Ultra Relay Legs

BTU110 - 30km Elevation Profile
BTU30 Elevation Profile

Brisbane Trail Ultra 30km Relay Legs

1-Start to Check Point 7 J.C Slaughter Falls 13.6km

2- Check Point 7 to Finish Line Queensland Maritime Museum 17.6km (accumulative distance 31.2km)

BTU110 - 60km Elevation Profile
BTU60 Elevation Profile

Brisbane Trail Ultra 60km Relay Legs

1-Start to McAfees Lookout 14.7km

2-Check Point 1 McAfees Lookout to Check Point 7 J.C. Slaughter Falls Distance Between Check Points 28.8km (accumulative distance 43.5km) 

3-Check Point 7  J.C Slaughter Falls to Maritime Museum Finish Line Distance Between Check Points 17.6km (accumulative distance 61.1km)

BTU110 - 110km Elevation Profile
BTU110 Elevation Profile

Brisbane Trail Ultra 110km Relay 

1-Start to Check Point 1 McAfees Lookout 14.7km

2-Check Point 1 Mc Afees Lookout to Check Point 3 Mount Nebo SS 32.1km (accumulative distance 46.8km)

3-Check Point 3 Mount Nebo SS to Check Point  5 Gold Creek Reservoir 25.2km (accumulative distance 72km)

4-Check Point 5 Gold Creek Reservoir to Check Point 7 J.C Slaughter Falls 20.5km (accumulative distance 92.5km)

5-Check Point 7 J.C Slaughter Falls to Finish Line Queensland Maritime Museum 17.6km (accumulative distance 110.1km)

If you have any questions please contact the team at Brisbane Trail Ultra


Emporium Hotel

The Emporium Hotel is a newly finish 5 Star Luxury hotel located perfectly on the Brisbane Trail Ultra finish line. It is nestled beautifully behind the Queensland Maritime Museum which means you’ll be just a sore stroll away to recover stunning room with magnificent views of the Brisbane City Skyline, Brisbane River and South Bank Parklands.

We are pleased to announce that the Emporium Hotel is offering Brisbane Trail Ultra entrants a generous 10% Discount for your stay over the Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival weekend.

We highly recommend to book your stay away at the Emporium Hotel sooner rather than later to secure a view and a great competitive rate. If you’d like the discount code please email the Brisbane Trail Ultra Co Founder Shona Stephenson at for more information about the amazing hotel package.

Emporium Hotels South Bank




Ben Duffus Race Ambassador

Ben Duffus – Brisbane Trail Ultra Race Ambassador

We are excited to announce that Brisbane local world class runner Ben Duffus will be the Brisbane Trail Ultra Race Ambassador for 2019.

Fast Facts About Ben Duffus

  • 1st Place Place Pomona King of the Mountain 2018
  • 3rd 9 Dragons Hong Kong 2018
  • 2nd Ultra Trail Australia 2018
  • 3rd Skyrunning Ultra World Championships 2014
  • 7th Place Ultra Trail Australia 2014
  • 1st Place Pomona King of the Mountain 2014
  • 1st Place Pomona King of the Mountain 2013

Ben has a background with scientific research, studying physics at University of Queensland. He is one smart cookie and we feel honoured to have him on the Brisbane Trail Ultra Team as our race ambassador.

Ben has proven he is a true athlete in the sport with over 5 years of elite racing for his age being only 26 years of age. Most ultra endurance athletes haven’t even started running a full program at his age, Ben’s been on multiple world tours. Racing on the  Skyrunning and Ultra Trail World Tour.

Ben values evidence based and up-to-date training methods, but as an athlete also understands the importance of a personalised approached. His passion for chasing for audacious goals overflows to his peers and he is dedicated to assisting other runners as a Mile 27 coach.

He’s currently in Chamonix, France about to race the TDS 121km with 7500m of vertical gain and loss through the French Alps. We wish him the best of luck and safe journey over the ‘Grande Randonnée’ paths crossing though the Mont-Blanc, Beaufort, Tarentaise and Aosta valley countryside.  Go for it Ben!

We are so proud and lucky to have such a stellar athlete racing for the Brisbane Trail Ultra 2019.