Hydration and Nutrition

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Hydration and Nutrition

The correct Nutrition and hydration is essential for staying safe and achieving your desired goal while racing and training for the Brisbane Trail Ultra. We at the Brisbane Trail Ultra are proud to announce that Hammer Nutrition Australia is our Hydration and Nutrition Partner for the event.

Success is made up of the following 3 components. 1/3 Training Program and Natural Ability, 1/3 Mental Toughness, 1/3 Hydration and Nutrition. Without the best hydration and nutrition when racing and training for an ultra endurance marathon your body and mind won’t have the correct hydration and energy to make it to the end of your event safely and with your best possible result.

Co-Race Director Shona Stephenson since 2012, has a successful relationship with Hammer Nutrition. The Brisbane Trail Ultra and could think of no other Sports Nutrition supplier they could deeply trust to look after the competitors of the Brisbane Trail Ultra whilst racing.

Ultra Racing Tips by Hammer Nutrition

The Above Link has a great guide to your nutrition and hydration needs throughout the event better know as the “Guide to Success”.

Here are the Key Tips for great performance for an athlete racing and training;

Hydration- Let’s get this right first.  Without hydration you cannot process the fuels.

  • Perform a hydration test at the start of your training program to give you the best indication of the amount of fluid you will need to consume per hour whilst training and racing. Most athletes will consume between 500-750ml per hour.
  • Aim for a 1-2% Body Weight Drop whilst racing.
  • Body weight increased of 1-2% then this is a sign of over hydration or better know as hyponatremia. This condition is dangerous and can result in death. Always use an electrolyte with your fluids.
  • Dehydration was a body weight drop of over 3%.
  • Always take on fluids with Electrolytes like Hammer Endurolytes to prevent hyponatremia and dehydration.
  • 3-6 Endurolytes per hour being a good guide, 4 caps per hour being the most common result of success in tested athletes.
  • Look for a complete broad spectrum of electrolyte resource. Too much sodium will lead to fluid retention and will decrease your performance.
  • Look for a broad spectrum electrolyte cap like Endurolytes which contain the following; Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium Chloride, Calcium, Manganese, pyridoxine HCL (enzyme), L-tyrosine (amino acid), Glycine (amino acid).


  • Calorie intake of successful athletes was usually 280 calories or less.
  • 150-280 calories an hour is a great guide.
  • Some athletes can consume up to 300 calories per hour but this may be done when the body is not stressed. The more stressed the body is the less calories it will be able to consume.
  • When you train you may be able to consume more calories than racing. Be mindful of this and listen to your body.
  • Calorie consumption will depend on body weight, everyone is different and what works for one athlete may not work for another athlete.
  • Test all your fuelling in training.
  • Never try anything new in a race.
  • Oversupply of fuel is the most common cause of gastric upset.
  • Avoid fuels that will cause bloating or inflammation like simple sugars, gluten, dairy, gummy lollies.
  • Simple sugars will give you a great initial spike then leave you low.
  • Look complex carbohydrates like Maltadextrin that have a slow release of energy in the body.
  • Use watered down Hammer Nutrition Gels in a gel flask to avoid stomach upset.
  • Use Hammer Heed for your Sports Drink or a Sports Drink that is formed with complex carbohydrates.
  • Solid food like Banana’s, Potatoes and Hammer Sports bars are best had when your body is in a “resting” phase of your event like at a checkpoint, or as you are walking away from a check point.
  • 1/2 or 1/3  your Hammer Bars. They are great to have at 50k and/or in the first hour of an ultra.
  • Get the right training and become fat adapted for ultra endurance racing.
  • Ensure that your training comprises of lactic threshold training (intervals/hills) to condition your body to removing the lactic by-products in your body.  This will ensure that when you race you won’t get a gastric upset after pushing your limits.
  • Race within your limits. If you push too hard in a section this may mean that you use up your glycogen stores in your muscles and may not be able to replenish them quick enough before bonking. This is especially relevant in an ultra endurance event.
  • Look for a protein of 5-15% of your calories intake after 2 hours of exercise like Hammer Perpetuem or Sustained Energy or take an Endurance Amino Acid.
  • Hammer Nutrition Anti-fatigue Caps are also a great way to help uptake byproducts in the body and neutralise the ammonia in your muscles.
  • Caffeine Consumption Guide- 1mg per every kilo that you weigh is a safe guide to caffeine consumption.
  • A good guide is to hold off the caffeine until 50% of the way through your event if you are running a ultra.
  • Avoid caffeine products for 2 weeks before an event to ensure the caffeine has the greatest response on your body whilst racing.


  • Re-hydrate 1st.
  • Drink 600ml- 1L of water in the first hour post exercise if possible with endurolyte caps 4 in the first hour post race.
  • Hammer Vegan Protein Drink is a great way to recover from your training or race.
  • Drink your protein and carbohydrate replenishment after you are hydrated within 40 minutes of exercise. 40 minutes is the key time when the glycogen is best absorbed into your muscles post exercise.
  • Vegan Protein Bars are a great post race snack that can help you recover faster and look after you muscles for your next event or training session.