Brisbane Trail Ultra allows Pacers to help increase safety of the runners on the course. Pacers are recommended on the Brisbane Trail Ultra 100 Mile to help ensure safety of their runner whilst running in the “Back Country” of the Brisbane D’Aguliar National Park.  Brisbane Trail Ultra will be allowing “Pacers” for the 100 Mile event from Dundas Bush Camp at 85km.

Brisbane Trail Ultra also allows pacers for runners leaving JC Slaughter Falls Check Point 9 (the final leg of the Brisbane Trail Ultra) from 6pm at night on Saturday the 6th of July.

We have the following rules to increase safety of pacers and their runners. The rules are there to ensure fairness to those who do not have a pacer for the Brisbane Trail Ultra.

Pacer Cost is $50 per Pacer. Entrants will indicate when they enter wether they will be needing a pacer or not when they register for the Brisbane Trail Ultra.

Pacing Rules

  1. All pacers must be registered to the event and entered with a runner.
  2. Pacers are permitted and encouraged for 100 mile entrants after Check Point 5 Dundas Camp site (85km into the 160km event).
  3. Pacers are mandatory from Check Point 9 JC Slaughter Falls for 100 mile entrants.
  4. Pacers are permitted for all other distances from Check Point 9 JC Slaughter Falls (final checkpoint) if you feel you will be on the course after dark (we recommend a pacer if you are arriving after 5pm, and mandatory if passing Check Point 9 after 6pm).
  5. Pacers can only start with a runner from a check point and must accompany their runner until the next check point.
  6. Pacers must be within 10 meters of their runner at all times.
  7. Only ONE pacer can accompany a runner at any time.
  8. Multiple pacers are allowed by 100 mile entrants as long as all pacers are registered, pacers enter and exit at check points, and only one pacer accompanies the runner at any time.
  9. If you are an entrant and on the course leaving JC Slaughter Falls Check point 9 after 6pm you can choose run the remaining 18 km with another runner. Both runners will have to be fit enough and healthy enough to run the last 18 km together and must stay within 10 meters of each other. When registering you will have to indicate that you do not need a pacer for the final 18 km.
  10. Pacers are not to enter a check point ahead of their runner to aid in speeding up their refuelling.
  11. Pacers must carry all the mandatory gear that is required on the Brisbane Trail Ultra course.
  12. No “Mule-ing”. Mule-ing is when your pacer carries extra water, food and mandatory gear, or provides physical and mechanical assistance to their runner. This is a form of cheating and is not good trail running etiquette.
  13.  Any pacer found mule-ing for their runner will result in a 2 hour time penalty to the runners time.
  14. Pacers must follow all the rules and be present for the safety briefing.
  15. Pacers must check in at registration on Friday the 5th of July 2019 and have their mandatory gear check processed at the same time as their runner.
  16. Pacers must sign the indemnity waiver and release form before they are able to take the course.
  17. All pacers must be experienced in trail running especially at night, they must be in adequate physical condition to complete the distance they are pacing.
  18. All pacers must be 18 years of age or older.
  19. In the event of an injury or illness, the pacer and runner must stay with each other until assistance arrives unless otherwise instructed by first aid carers.