Safety Briefing

Formal Safety Briefing will commence at 5pm at the Queensland Maritime Museum

“Welcome and thank you for coming to the Trail Ultra Brisbane. We acknowledge that this is the land of the “Turrbal People” the original and current custodians of Brisbane Aboriginal Land. We will be also entering “Kamilaroi ” Country. We respect the “Kamilaroi People” and we thank them for allowing us on their land.

We acknowledge and respect the Aboriginal Landowners and Local Residents. This is a unique part of the world and we will be passing through some beautiful and significant areas, please travel with care. We want to keep our National Parks beautiful so please follow the following Leave No Trace Principles.

We are moving through some of the most stunning and pristine parts of Queensland. Virgin rainforest up at Mount Nebo, Mount Glorious, eucalyptus woodlands and stunning gorges of Township Break. It is so important that we all follow the    7 “Leave No Trace” Principals”.

  • Plan Ahead and Prepare
  • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
  • Dispose of Waste Properly
  • Leave What You Find
  • Minimise the Impact of Fire
  • Respect Wildlife
  • Be Considerate of Your Host and Other Visitors.

Drink to thirst.  to avoid de-hydration

Eat every 30-45 minutes to keep your glucose levels steady

Have the capacity to carry at least 1.5L of fluid between check points.

Stay Alert to avoid snakes, tripping over or twisting an ankle.

Listen to all marshals on the course. They are volunteers and are giving up their precious time so you can compete in the Brisbane Trail Ultra. Be kind and respectful to all marshals and volunteers. Any runner found disobeying a marshal on the road sectors of the course will be immediately disqualified. We will have police at 2 points on the road for your safety and it is crucial that you listen to the instruction of the police officers.

Stay alert to follow course markings. There will be a course marker every 500m and 3 ribbons leading you through every intersection. Arrows will also direct the course at intersections and red and white tape will be placed across junctions. If you haven’t see a course market in a little while stop, think and re-trace your steps and go back to your last marker and check or position on your map. There are many off shoot trails along the course. We have marked the course so there is either an arrow or 3 ribbons leading you through an intersection. Only follow these course markings. If you are really lost please call either David or Myself, see the numbers on your Race Bib and we will be able to help you.

Runners have been weighed in at the Start line. You will be weighed in at CP3 if you are part of the 110 km or 100 mile events. If you lose more than 2% Body weigh or more importantly gain weight then we will ask you to see the First Aid Tent for further assessment. If you’ve lost more than 2% and you can explain why (a big race poo) then you will be cleared to run on. But if you’ve lost more than 2% body weight and you are showing signs of dehydration then we will ask you to stay at the tent until you’ve recovered or you may be pulled from the course. If you gain weight this is also a sign of danger as you are diluting your bodies own electrolytes and you can die from this if you drink plain water. We provide electrolytes at the aid station. Please use them it is for your own safety.

Watch your step, every step. There are many rocks, tree roots, cliffs in the area that we are passing through care must be taken to avoid injury.

Use the provided Port-A-Loos or approved toilets at the check points. In the event you need to within check points please move at least 15m off the track and away from water to relieve yourself. Bury all faeces 20cm below the ground height.    

Be aware that this is a public space and there will be other people using the course. Please be kind and courteous to the other patrons on the course. 

Look after each other. Be kind to your fellow runner, remember even though this is a race, Trail Running and Ultra Trail Running can be a dangerous sport and we all need to be aware of our fellow Trail Runners to ensure each others safety. 

Be careful and only pass when it is safe to pass. 

The best way to let someone know that you’d like to pass is to say “Hello, How are you”. Have a chat and let them know you’d like to pass. “Passing on the right, when it is next safe for both of us”. Then pass.

When approaching the Summit at Mount Coot-tha, you MUST walk when you are within 5 meters of a tourist. Only when you’ve past this tourist may you run again. Please follow the rules as this is a special area of the trails and we are lucky to have the opportunity to witness this stunning view of Brisbane City and your finish line about 19 km away.

If someone is injured but is able to walk to the next check point and is happy to go on by themselves, please let the timekeepers and the marshals  know at the check point that someone is injured. It would be great if you could give their name and race number too so we can monitor their progress between that checkpoint. Please call the RD with the details of the injury so we can help them.

If someone is injured or sick and cannot walk to the closest check point and you are the first person on the scene please stay with that injured or sick person until help arrives. The time that you have lost providing care to your fellow competitor will be deducted from your overall time. 

Hellhole Break, Township Break, Westridge Break and Black Soil Break are all incredibly steep descents with a slippery creek crossing at the bottom so please be careful as access to these spots are limited by car. If you fall over here you may be waiting for a long time for help to arrive. Please me careful and stay safe in these areas. It is more important that we all look after each other and stay safe than go for times.

In the event of injury please call the Race Directors Numbers you can find them printed on the back of your Race Bib Number.

Shona – 0417 693 281 

David  – 0400 731 168

Please Leave No Trace. Pick up all rubbish that you drop. It’s poor trail running etiquette to drop rubbish. 

Carry all rubbish that you have in a zip lock bag and dispose of it in the rubbish bins at each check point.

Everyone is to wear their High Visibility Vest when running/walking on the footpaths From Bardon to the City and crossing the roads in the residential area. At dusk everyone is to have a head torch on and be wearing a high visibility vest. When leaving a checkpoint after 3pm all competitors will be checked for head torches and back up head torches and batteries and high visibility vests.

Random spot check will be conducted over the course for the entrants. Time penalty of 2 hours will be given to a runner found not carrying the full mandatory gear list. See the detail mandatory gear list for each event.

Poles might be needed for some competitors to aid with descending and ascending some of the steep descents especially into Township Break.

If you are on the course after 8pm you are required to have a pacer with you after Check Point 7, JC Slaughter Falls. Your pacer must be carrying all the same mandatory gear as yourself and register on the Saturday the 5th July 2019.

100 Mile Runners who would like a pacer may have a pacer from Check Point 4 Dundas Bush camp. Pacers must carry the same mandatory gear as the entrant to ensure their safety. Pacers are not allowed to carry anything for the runner. Any pacer found mulling for the runner will result in the runner receiving a 2 hour time penalty.

Stay safe, enjoy the beautiful rainforests, single trails and views. Look after each other and you will have an amazing adventure.

Good Luck

Brisbane Trail  Ultra Team.