Support Crew Access Details

To ensure the Brisbane Trail Ultra® Festival runs smoothly with minimal impact on the community we have the following guidelines for the support crews to follow;

  • Support Crews will be issues with a “Support Crew” sign to have visible at all times in their car.
  • No parking on the grounds of The Gap State High School (TGSHS). Parking can be found on the streets around the TGSHS.
  • Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre can be a viewing point for the starting 5 km of the 60km, 110km and 100 Mile events.
  • No not enter a Check Point Until your runner has left the check point previous.
  • No assistance can be given by a support crew unless at the following Check Points. CP2, CP3, CP4, CP6 and CP7. Support Crews can only help runners WITHIN 400M of these check points. Any runner receiving assistance outside of these check points by their support crew will be given a 1 hour time penalty.
  • No Access to Mc Afees Lookout CP1.
  • No Access to the car park at Jolly’s Lookout. You will be able to park at either the start of Thylogale Trail or at Boombana Picnic Ground and walk into the Jolly’s Lookout Picnic Ground to view runners (110km and 100 Mile Course).
  • CP2 Mount Nebo State School Parking is on View St, right hand turn before Mount Nebo State School (110km and 100 Mile Course).
  • CP3 Maiala Picnic Ground West parking can be found adjacent to the CP on Mount Glorious Road (100 Mile Course).
  • CP4 Dundas Bush Camp parking can be found on Mount Nebo Road outside of the Mount Nebo Transfer Station. DO NOT PARK IN THE MOUNT NEBO TRANSFER STATION. We have organised a 4WD Shuttle by All American Wheeling from the car park area to Dundas Bush Camp for your support crew and your pacer.
  • CP5 Creek Road and Gold Creek Boundary Rd. No access to CP5 as this is a remote check point (100 Mile Course).
  • CP6 Gold Creek Reservoir Parking is found at Gold Creek Reservoir Carpark Support crews will not be allowed to enter this carpark until their runner has left CP5 (60km, 110km and 100 Mile Courses).
  • CP7 JC Slaughter Falls. This is our busiest check point. It is also where the Red Bull Australia Climb will be held. The Red Bull Climb is a race within a race starting at CP7 and is 1700 meters long and 121 m vertical gain. All 450 runners will be coming through this check point and it is important that support crews follow instructions of CP staff to ensure safety of the runners in this area. The Red Bull Climb Crosses over the access road to the parking to the south west of the JC Slaughter Falls Picnic area and is the reason why we are asking support crews to park in the other picnic grounds, Hoop Pine, Silky Oak Picnic Grounds and walking a short 100-300 meters distance to the JC Slaughter Falls CP7. No parking of support crews will be allowed past the JC Slaughter Falls Picnic Area Check Point. We advise that support crews park their cars close to the Sir Samuel Griffith Drive entrance or at Hoop Pine Picnic Area, Silky Oak Picnic Areas. Peak timed for this check point will be from 4pm-8pm when 75% of our runners will be expected to have past through this check point. 100 Mile support crews and plus 14 hour 110km support crews will be effected less by the parking congestion. (30km, 60km 110km, 100 Mile)
  • Finish line parking can be found at South Bank car parks. No parking will be allowed at the Queensland Maritime Museum as these access routes are reserved for emergency staff. (30km 60km, 110km 100 Mile)