100 Mile Course Descriptions

Turn by turn course descriptions for the Brisbane Trail Ultra 100 mile course are now available.

Every twist, every turn, every brutal climb, every exhilarating decent, detailed for you so you can get the best understanding of the course before the epic weekend.

Get access to the description at this link.

Note this is a Google Sheets document – if you would like a pdf hit:
‘File’ > ‘ Download As’ > ‘PDF Document (.pdf)’

110km/60km/30km Course descriptions coming soon.

Please reach out if you have any problems!


The Brisbane Trail Ultra Team

Brisbane Trail Ultra Trailer

Brisbane Trail Ultra Trailer needs your attention. Sitting at home recovering after your long run on the weekend?

Need something to inspired you in 2019? Check out our Brisbane Trail Ultra Trailer

In case you missed our update on Facebook, Brisbane Trail Ultra has released a cracking trailer to get you motivated for the race and the training ahead!

Get that foam roller going and check out the below.

Time to give yourself that early Christmas present?

If you haven’t already, register here for the Brisbane Trail Ultra – 30km/60km/110km/100miler. Early birds prices finish soon.

…it’ll make that third fruit mince pie all the easier to swallow this festive season!

Brisbane Trail Ultra Trailer

ITRA Points

Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival Team is super excited to announce that the following 4 Solo events will be receiving ITRA Points that you will be able to use your ITRA Points towards Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT) events qualification. 

Our 100 Mile event will receive 6 ITRA Points and our 110 km event will be receiving 5 ITRA Points. 

Brisbane Trail Ultra Course maps

The team at the Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival worked tirelessly designing the best possible course in the South East Queensland region to ensure that you will gain maximum ITRA Points for the distance that you compete in.

All the Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival events will be receiving ITRA Points. See the list of points for each event below;

  • 30 km Solo Brisbane Trail Run 1 ITRA Point (1050 BTU Vert 800 ITRA Vert*)
  • 60 km Solo Brisbane Trail Ultra 3 ITRA Points (2750 BTU 1850 ITRA Vert*)
  • 110 km Solo Brisbane Trail Ultra 5 ITRA Points (5540 BTU Vert 4790 ITRA Vert* )
  • 160 km Solo Brisbane Trail Ultra 6 ITRA Points (8040 BTU Vert 7580 ITRA Vert*)

*BTU mapping software compared to ITRA Trace de Trails mapping Software

The Brisbane Trail Ultra 100 Mile event will be receiving the maximum of 6 ITRA Points and the 110 km Brisbane Trail Ultra will be receiving 5 ITRA Points. This means that when qualifying for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) you have a maximum of 3 events to gain your needed 15 points for the UTMB. This makes both of our Brisbane trail Ultra 110 km and 100 mile events look extremely valuable to trail ultramarathon runners who are wanting to qualify for the UTMB and other UTWT events.

Happy Trail

The Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival Team