Team BTU

Team Brisbane Trail Ultra (BTU)

Meet the BTU Team. Brisbane Trail Ultra has put together a team of experienced, skilled, and passionate trail runners who are putting their hearts and souls into the Brisbane Trail Ultra so you can have the best possible experience before, during and after the BTU.

Shona Stephenson  

Co Founder, Athlete Liasion, Marketing Coordinator of the Brisbane Trail Ultra

Shona Stephenson Co Founder Brisbane Trail Ultra

Shona Stephenson is the Brisbane Trail Ultra athlete liaison manager. Shona will answer any questions that the entrants may have. Shona’s focus is you, the most important part of the BTU. She strives to ensure the Brisbane Trail Ultra experience is the best possible experience it can be for you.  Shona is also the Brisbane Trail Ultra Marketing co-ordinator and sponsorship liaison. She hosts the Trail Running Australia and Brisbane Trail Ultra Face Book pages.

  • Experience as a trail runner 10 years
  • Knowledge of the human body and how it reacts to exercise, 10 years
  • Trail Running Event Experience 5 years.
  • International World Class Racing experience 5 years
  • Top achievement 8th ranking UTWT, 2nd UTMF, 10th, UTMB, 3rd UTA, 1st SCC, 1st B100, 1st Northbourne 100 Mile, 1st GNW 100 km, 1st GOW.

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David Eastman

Co Founder, Race Director, Operations Manager of the Brisbane Trail Ultra

David Eastman
David Eastman Co Founder Brisbane Trail Ultra

David is the Brisbane Trail Ultra “Fixer” he is in charge of permits, timing and directing of the Brisbane Trail Ultra. David is our operations manager.

  • Experience as a trail runner 5 years
  • Software Mapping expert
  • Operations manager
  • Logistical coordination in Australian Defence Forces 10 years
  • Team management and coordination experience 15 years

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Cora Lau

Brisbane Trail Ultra Race Co-ordinator, Merchandise Production Manager, Instagram Social Media Manager

Cora Lau

Cora is the Brisbane Trail Ultra Sponsorship liaison manager. Cora is also managing our merchandising, manufacturing and production. She is co-ordinating our Instagram social media page, filming and photography.

  • Rapid introduction into trail running and confessed trail addict
  • Scientifically-minded and avid reader of any peer-reviewed article but especially endurance physiology
  • Experience in manufacturing, merchandising and sales

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Sara Ashmore-Smith

Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival Coordinator

Brisbane Sunrise Brisbane Trail Ultra

Sara Ashmore-Smith is the Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival Coordinator. Our Brisbane Trail Ultra Festival will be located at the stunning Queensland Maritime Museum foreshore parkland at Southbank Brisbane. Sara has over 3 years experience in hosting Festival events in Brisbane.

She will be your contact for the event at the finish line precinct

Sunlit Sounds

Bardon Markets

The Gap Farmers Market

Chillin’ In the Hills

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